Enable multiple map layers to be open at the same time?

Stefan Kinell shared this question 6 months ago


First - I do not know if this is possible already, I can not find it in any discussions - so I assume it should be treated as a feature request. But I would be happier to be advised on how to use it in the existing app if it is already available.

I provide several map layers from a map service I run. They are among other available as WMTS-services and I have customers who bought a subscription to these services to be used in Locus Maps. The map solution I have uses different layers for different purposes. There are two map layers with different level of details of the map - depending on use case. There is one layer with names and one layer with nature reserves and national parks.

Today in Locus Maps (I have a gold account don't know if that makes any difference) I can only have one layer active at the time. I know how I can shift layers by clicking the WMTS-button. At lease as long as they are within the same WMTS capabilities document. When you want to shift between layers that have different URLs / WMTS capabilities xml-documents it is a bit more tedious when you have to go into the map manager.

So, first - is it already possible to have more than one layer active at a time?

If not - I would wish for this feature to be implemented. Also with the possibility to have layers from different WMTS sources active at the same time

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Hi Stefan,

vector and raster maps can be displayed in an overlay, see https://docs.locusmap.app/doku.php?id=manual:user_guide:maps_tools:overlays. A WMS source can be displayed in an overlay above a raster (both online or offline) or vector map, see https://docs.locusmap.app/doku.php?id=manual:user_guide:maps_wms. However, it is not possible to display two WMS sources at once.

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