"." and "," Incorrectly pronounced distance using googleTTS.

Jeden Dwa shared this problem 10 months ago

In Polish, the distance

1.5 is read as the first five. 20.2 as twentyth-two

1,5 is read correctly. 20,2 as twenty and two tenths

There is no swap option "." to ","?

TTS google - Checked in other applications, yes it speaks Polish same - 1. as first and 1, as one. Is it possible to change the ". ," somehow to speak correctly?

Sorry for mistakes, I'm still learning the language.

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sorry for the late reply. We've made some improvements in the TTS to better reflect the selected language.

It should be implemented in the next version.

Let me know if it helps.

Zdenek, Locus team


I also reported this problem, the Locus team said it was a Google problem. And here's a surprise when reading the above entry.

For the user
if you have a Samsung phone, you can choose Samsung's TTS, which reads distances much better, but in any case they are acceptable + a very nice female voice.

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