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Peter Schmitt shared this idea 8 months ago
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unfortunately functionality of hiding points differs from hiding tracks.

Hiding points is missing the function "hide all others".

Perhaps you can implement this function. That would be perfect.

Thank you in advance

Kind regards from Germany

Peter S.

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Hello, this topic was not mentioned as a enhancement. I thought the function was forgotten by mistake, as it is available for tracks, but not for points.

In order to streamline usage it would be nice to be added 😉

Best wishes

Peter S.


Hi Peter,

understand, but the feature is not missing by mistake. In the case of tracks, it is use-case I can imagine > many tracks on the map and you just want to work with a single track. In the case of points, it is from my point of view, not a common use-case. Why should you want to work with just a single point? I never had such a need so I'm curious. Because of this, your post was changed to an idea.


Hello Menion,

Locus has sooo many use-cases:⁠-⁠)

I am addicted to rock climbing. Before I visit a Climbing area the first time I store all climbing sites (Rocks) mentioned in a Climbing guidebook as different points in Locus.

In the morning when I want to decide which site to visit I activate all points in the area. Then I watch the guidebook and the map in order to find the best spot for the day (approach, altitude, cardinal direction, weather ...) . When I have decided which rock I want to climb I deselect all other points in order not to get disturbed by the "unnecessary" points while approaching the climbing site I have chosen.

That's one of many use-cases I can think of for "hide all other points". You can exchange "climbing-site" by many other kinds of points you want to visit. As you have chosen the point and the other points get useless you should be able to hide them in a bunch.

Keep up your good work. Locus rocks!

Peter S.


Good point. When geocaching, it is also useful to concentrate on one POI. And after finising with hiding all others, it could be usefull to unhide. But this is an other story (usecase) and there are workarounds (in point management > category, just choose view all)

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