WMS error 10602 for DTK25

René Frederiksen shared this problem 7 months ago
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The DTK25 WMS service have not worked since LocusMap version 4*

When choosing 'Add from library' in the Map Manager -> WMS / WMTS, I getting an error 10602.

See the attached image.

When it was possible to enter an url for the service, I also had the problem. This is the url:



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thank you for the report and I'm sorry for the late reply. It seems that this service is available only for registered users (need to register at https://datafordeler.dk/dataoversigt/danmarks-topografiske-kortvaerk-dtk/dtk25-danmarks-topografiske-kortvaerk-125000-wms/ )

Unfortunately some users have added this service to our WMS library (any user can publish any WMS map), but this service is limited and cannot be used directly from our WMS library.
Please register at Danmarks topografiske kortværk and then you can add a link to the WMS manually.

Thank you for understanding

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