Option to turn off map center in route planner

Lux Calor shared this idea 10 months ago
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Adding points through map center is convenient when creating a new route from scratch, but really gets in the way when editing and re-routing an existing track.

And even when creating a new route it is sometimes beneficial to have snap to map center turned off and just add points by tapping the screen.

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Hello Lux,

unfortunately, I do not perfectly understand your idea. Do you want to disable the bottom left "+" button that adds new shaping points directly in the map screen center?

If you mean something different, please describe it in detail, thanks.


Hi Menion,

Sorry for the late reply, wanted to test things out and provide a concise answer.

Current route planning mechanic in Locus allows adding an end point only and only through map center cursor (by tapping +). This is a nice precise way to draw routes from scratch. But it really gets in the way when editing an existing route with lots of points and manual sections. The cursor and the bearing line is always there in the screen center where all the editing happens, and I tap it accidently all the time when I want to drag an existing shaping point or tap the route to add an internal point (this, BTW, is also an issue that I will address later too).

What I would like to have is an option to add points by long-pressing on the route or on the map directly with a pop up that would allow me to chose which point to add - to the start, to the end or internal. Without the map center cursor involved at all. That would be nice to also be able to choose which type of point it is going to be - shaping, via or a direction indicator.

By the way, this last option is also would be much more user friendly even in the current arrangement, as now it is required to tap on the segment, tap point info icon and then "convert" the trackpoint to shaping, via or directions point. It took me a while to figure it out and I am a long time Locus user (and a fan!).

The way I see it is a switch in the router planner options menu to turn direct-draw-only mode on and off. So this way, when I receive a gpx file or want to reroute the existing complex track, I just switch it on and do my job. And then can easily go back to map center mechanic for new routes.

Hope I could explain it clearly this time around.


Hello Lux,

I'm trying to find out, what benefits come with the removal of the center cross. You wrote about the accidental adding of points and about line that connects last route point and the map screen center cross.

With the line - understand, this makes sense.

But there is no action when tapping on the center cross. You wrote "What I would like to have is an option to add points by long-pressing on the route or on the map directly" - but this already works that way. Center cross only helps to more precisely set locations when pressing "+" button and also to highlight points below when moving with the map.

So I see no benefit by removing it, even temporarily or by any settings. Did I miss anything?

Usability problem with conversion between router-point types etc... I know, this should be improved.

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