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Tapio shared this idea 8 months ago
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as another service, like the updating of routing data, Locus could update themes. E.g. if theme author provides a file "download_url.txt" with simply an URL to the zip file, Locus could use that. Some security implications here, but you get the idea.

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I still believe that the best solution for providing user-based content is over the existing Locus Store. What is missing

- option for any (authorized & verified) user to provide any content over the Locus Store

- better & automatic auto-update system

This is something I have pushed for years, but not all in the team consider this as a priority, for now.

A special solution made for themes ... well, not an ideal solution. Low control on the user side, low fool proof & security. Etc etc.


Locus Store would make sense... Themes are small, some kind of auto-updating would be convenient.


Yes and please no clicking to confirm terms of services of themes *hint* 😉

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