Mapsforge POI v3: Unify with LoMaps POI format?

Sonny shared this question 5 months ago

With the latest Mapsforge Release v0.20.0 there's a new POI format v3 for Mapsforge maps.

Would it be possible that in the future both POI-formats: Mapsforge and LoMaps being unified, so that map creators like OpenAndroMaps will just have to create one POI file format to be used in every app using Mapsforge based maps like OAM or LoMaps?

Or are both formats to different that e.g. an enhencement of a future, united mapsforge POI v4 will be possible?

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Hello Sonny,

fully understand your point, but I'm worried, this won't be possible. Both formats are quite different. Hopefully, we will update our own format so offline LoPoints will match our online database, so there will be a need for much bigger flexibility and customization that MapsForge format may offer. Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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