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TomasV shared this question 10 months ago

Hi, I have the paid classic version and had a crash - the tablet looks like below (no Wifi) but it works connected to my Mac. I would like to use the last automatic backup and restore elsewhere so I can export the GPX tracks and waypoints. The touch screen does not work. I can connect to my Mac and see both the internal and SD card memory but I can't find the location of the file.

I found the Android/data/menion.android,locus.pro directory but the backup is not there. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?


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...that must be a crash, hope you are in better condition than the tablet.

Backup is by default in the "Locus/backup" directory, but it can be moved so you should remember if you didn't move it somewhere else.

Also, we usually recommend setting automatic upload of backup to some cloud service (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox). Can't be your backup there?

Anyway, if you can copy the whole Locus folder, that could be your backup. Just move the whole "Locus" folder from the old device to the new and all your data will be in place. Just make sure, that you have not more than one "Locus" folder in the old device. Sometimes the data are split and in this case, you have to merge them into one folder first.


Zdenek, Locus team


Thank you Zdenek, I have seen that info on the forum, but I can't find Locus/Backup in the root (on the device or SD Card). Is there a full path you can share, please?




Search internally and externally SD for backup. if they find nothing is also nothing available. But they have the Locus folder (Android/data/menion.android,locus.pro), there are the databases included. These on the new phone simply replace best the whole folder. Also look for Locus on the internal and external SD. If you find another Locus folder tell us here.


For others that may have the same problem: I found the directory on the SD Card:


There is the manual locus backup.zip as well as:


There I found the latest backup from 8/31 - just few minutes after the crash

Thanks for your help!

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