Impossible to load and use the IGN map

Pierre PHILIPPE shared this problem 8 months ago
Not a Problem

I use your app for several years, it's great! thank you very much for your work! Your application is the best !
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I use it with an annual subscription to IGN maps (online and offline). My subscription is valid (April 14, 2014). Since today or few days, it is impossible to access at ign maps online and offline.
I have uninstalled / reinstalled / restarted everything, ... the problem persists.
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When loading, the Initialization display lasts several minutes before leading to an error: “map o.mA@1fe792f is not ready read, code: 12591”
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Therefore I can't use ign maps, it is problematic for my application. Could you help me resolve this issue please?

Thanks in advance

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Problème contasté le 24 Septembre 2023 à 14h00. Sans aucune modification, semble être résolu à ce jour (quelques heures plus tard).

Problem Solved ! thank you

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