Improve Interval reports for recorded tracks

druki shared this idea 8 months ago

I noticed some restrictions in the display of the intervals of a recorded tracks and have suggestions on how to improve it.

1. The smallest interval that a user can define (custom interval by clicking the upper right symbol at the interval display) is 100m. If the user puts in a smaller ammount like 60m, the input is ignored without a note to the user. Suggestion: a) Show a not that the smalles interval is 100m. Or/And b) If the user tries to input a value smaller than 100m, give a warning that this value is ignored because the smallest defineable interval is 100m. Or c) allow any integer interval.

2. If an interval is defined that is above 100m but not clean devideable by 100 (without rest), the Interval Distances are rounded to 100m. E.g. if you set interval to 150m, it shows im km: 0|0,2|0,3|0,4|0,6|0,8|... It is unclear why the roundings are not exact (instead of 0,4 there should be 0,5 because 0,45km is normally rounded to 0,5 km, see also 0,75 which is rounded to 0,8). Suggestion: a) Show more that 1 digit after the comma as intervall needs it. So you don,t need to round. For given example 150m Interval, show 0|0,15|0,3|0,45|0,6|0,75|... Or b) show allways three digits after the comma to also support defined intervals of 155m. Or c) only allow defined intervals divideable by 100 (enrich notes of 1. suggestion about valid values).

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Hello druki,

good points, thanks.

1. there is a warning, just not correctly visible (hidden by the screen). Thanks, fixed!

2. good point. I've added second digit. I understand, that in case of 155m interval, three digits may be useful as well, but I consider it as really really rare case so 2 digits should cover 99.9% of cases.

So next version 4.20+.

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