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Jeannot Kartheiser shared this problem 6 months ago
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Google has launched a brand new version of google earth.If you try to open it in the navigation menu of Locus map classic an error message is displayed!!!! Cannot not found app

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Unfortunately confirmed. I was hoping to use the LM > Earth sharing feature next week, but now not working ;-(

Hopefully there is an easy work around.

Screen capture in english too


workaround: from LM: export track as KMZ file instead of share, then from GE: import KMZ - tedious but better than nothing



Sorry for the trouble but the blame is not on us. At the end of September, Google Earth on GP received the 10.x+ update. As you can see from the comments, very nice one.
The result, among other things, is that sharing content from Locus directly to GE doesn't work. Simple file sharing from file browsers... doesn't work. The most ordinary location sharing from Locus ... doesn't work. Only GE gets stuck and needs to "Clear data!" to get it to work again. So unfortunately we have to remove support for the new GE version in the next version of Locus.
Only one solution ... the old version of Google Earth that you can download from, folder "various/Google Earth".

Zdenek, Locus team

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