OSM Notes created from Locus should append the application name in the text

TrickyFoxy shared this idea 8 months ago

It would be useful for mappers to realise that this note comes from a user who is using Locus Map. This means that he/she has visited the place live.

Locus Map now offers to leave anonymous OSM notes by default. For such notes, this innovation would be particularly useful.

Read more about the initiative:


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Hello TrickyFoxy

thanks for the idea. Is there already any implementation of how it should generally look like?

If not, I believe that #LocusMap tag added to the new line at the end of the new note is useful right?

From what I understand, this should be added only to the initial note and not to added comments.


You can find examples of how other apps do it here. https://github.com/Zverik/every_door/pull/642#issuecomment-1735680249

Hashtag at the end of the note, an acceptable solution.

> this should be added only to the initial note

Yes, this should be enough


Oki thanks. Will be added in the next Locus Map version 4.20+.

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