Route warnings - icons obscure the route itself

Tomáš Janoušek shared this problem 6 months ago
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Hey team! Good job on the route warnings, really useful feature when planning a route. May I suggest a few UI improvements to prevent the warning symbols/icons from getting in the way (see attached screenshot - route is completely obscured, and I'm sure I can hide entire London if I zoom out a bit more 😁)?

• consider hiding them in low zoom levels, or switch to a smaller icon (just like you do with Points)

• actually, I think I'd like the option to hide them completely in the map screen, and only show them in the route planner, and when navigating (but only for the one route that is used for navigation)

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Oh, the full 3MB PNG failed to attach, here's a smaller version that still shows the issue.


Hello Tomáš,

Even though what you show here should be quite rare case in an outdoor app, obstructing the route as seen in the picture is not nice, agreed. There already is some simple clusterization in place, but it only clusters warnings of the same type. I think I will make these changes:

- make existing clusterization more strict in terms of ground distance (meters)

- introduce a new rule: Cluster warnings of the same "severity - (yellow, orange, red)", using a generic icon, suggesting: zoom in for details

- gradually hide everything in low zoom levels, hiding red (high severity) warnings last

To toggle on/off the layer of warnings: This is something we certainly talked about, but first step will be what I described above

Thanks for your feedback!


I was going to question the "rare case" claim but then I tried planning a couple different routes and yeah, you're right, this one is especially pathological as far as warnings are concerned. 😁

It's a bit weird because I've been perfecting that route for a couple weeks, with the aim of having a traffic-free paved route where I can focus on a podcast rather than traffic, and this is as good as it gets in here.

Anyway, the steps you outlined should solve the problem even for such pathological routes as this one.

For the hiding of warnings, an easy option (easy to implement and easy to find) would be to add a toggle next to the "include navigation commands" in the route planner.


There is also some imperfection I forgot to mention. All warnings are computed server side via stateless communication. If we plan a route from north London to south London in one go (click), everything is computed and simplified as designed. If we plan using short segments, this introduces much more complexity, as the server knows nothing about user's identity and about what happened a few seconds ago. Of course there is solution to this flaw, but currently there is none. And this may be your case in London too, as the gates in your picture should be already clustered into one and not obscuring each other and the route I think.

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