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Forsberg shared this problem 4 months ago


I wondered what is the point of Search Online in Locus Map if the results it provides are terrible? They rarely match anything at all.
I type a popular clinic name in my city in Google maps - I have at least 3 clinics.
I type the same in Locus map (Google selected) and I see 5 results 100 km further, in various cities (while none in my city). I type a popular market name - locus 4, google maps 16.

Is it possible to make results as good as in Google maps? Or perhaps make Locus access such results so it could be just a one click to start navigating to that particular point?

At current state Search is totally useless, sorry....

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This is not a mistake. The search is simply not better at the moment. The search is only just beginning. It will get better over the next few years.
You can use Google for search. Just put the app in the sidebar. When you have a result in Google go to Share with Locus. Then you have the location in Locus.
From time to time you should use the Locus search and share bad results here. Otherwise it can't get any better.

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