Web planner cannot handle alternative colors

Boudewijn van Dongen shared this problem 6 months ago
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Create a track in the app. Change the appearance to something custom (different color, differen track with) and sync to cloud.

The web planner shows the track, but without the appropriate color and when you open the track in the planner, change it and save it, the web interface does not know where the track came from. You have to select the folder again and a copy is saved with the same name to the same folder.

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Hi Boudewijn,

thank you for your question and sorry for the delay. Currently, web planner do not support track style thus all tracks are shown with one unified style. We plan to add it in the future but it is not the priority right now.

Regarding your second question. I am not sure what you mean. When you open track in in the web planner to edit its geometry then when saving two options should be visible. Overwrite and save as new. I am attaching screenshot. If you have meant something else, please, attache some screenshots to illustrate it. Thank you.

Kind regards, Ondra



Thanks for the reply. I cannot reproduce the second error at this point. Before, the "Overwrite" button would result in the same dialog as the "Save as new" dialog and I would get two copies of the route with the same name.

However, I just tried again and now it does what you'd expect: Overwrite the existing track.


Thank you for your clarification. If you experience this behavior again (it would be a bug), let us know and if possible attach some screenshot.

Kind regards, Ondrej

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