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Jim Fulmis shared this idea 7 months ago
Gathering feedback

It would be very handy to sort tracks by color & waypoints by icon (type). That way you can easily remove or hide either as necessary.

Also, I have been using the ability to click anywhere on a track, get the distance to each end, then do the same further down the track to get the ACTUAL distance to a water source, campsite, etc. I do the math in my head which has been extremely useful. Since that information is there is there any chance of getting that ability done via software. You would have to keep in mind the possibility of the info your after being on another track. I do this in my head but the software could do it better.

PS, I love Locus Classic & it works extremely well. I switched over exclusively to Locus after using Backcountry Navigator as my primary GPS app for years but they are no longer responsive to problems or ideas.

Thanks, Yeti

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Basically, you should post only one idea per topic. Only then can others vote for it. The more votes for it, the more likely the implementation.
Locus Classic will not be developed further. New ideas will only be implemented in the much better Locus Map 4.
But bugs and problems will still be handled.

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