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Agus shared this idea 7 months ago

Hello, would it be possible in the future to make elevation calculations with HDR files?

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Hello Agus,

may you specify your idea a little more? By HDR you mean more detailed elevation files, for example these from the Sonny? LoMaps & LoRouter already use them.

If you want to have hill-shading and some other features in the app computed also with these more precise data, simply download and unpack them into Locus/data/srtm directory. This is current solution for users who wants these detailed data instead of 3" data app currently downloads. We are thinking about publishing also 1" for users for direct download, but this was not yet decided and implemented. Thanks for understanding.


Hello Menion.

My suggestion is that Locus Maps should support HDR elevation files as HGT does. OruxMaps does. In Locus Maps I use Sonny's HGT 1 "but for Spain I have a more accurate HDR file that I can use in OruxMaps but as it is incompatible with Locus I can't use it.

An application that supports multiple file types opens up more possibilities for users.


Hi both of you,
To be honest, I already dowloaded elevation data of many dozens of international and national survey institutes - but none of them published their data in a format called "HDR" ;-)
The only one I stumbled about this file type has been when downloading from "ALOS World 3D" where .hdr are (unimportant) meta files with no elevation information. Soit seems to be a very uncommon or Orux-only format.

By far the 2 most common used formats are .hgt - with its known limitations. And for people which are interested in more precise files in common geographic projections: .geotiff

So if Locus someday decides to add a new elevation format, I would go for .geotiff

But in my opition for each use case of Locus, LIDAR-based 1"-.hgt files provide the maximum necessary quality. You won't get any better results in any usecase using more detailed files. Not to mention its sizes would explode compared to 1" .hgt files of country.

Please have a look at the following thread, especially the last post: https://oruxmaps.org/forum/index.php?topic=34772.0


Hi Sonny.

Your elevation file is great. I have been using it for a long time.

In that OruxMaps forum thread a colleague writes a link to the Telegram group. Several friends converted the ASC II files to HDR from MDT05 from all over Spain. It is true that these files take up a lot of space but not all users need to download the whole country, only a province or community.

I don't know much about this subject, I only made this suggestion because I thought that the matter was not complex.

Anyway when I need more precision I also use an online elevation service of the MDT05 to correct elevations, so I avoid downloading all HDR of Spain.

BEST regards


Hi Agus, Sonny,

thanks for extra info. As you also mentioned, HDR (if such format really exists) is definitely not a globally used format. If there is interest in using it on your side, please use the "gdal_translate" tool (or any other) and convert it into support HGT format. Thanks for understanding.

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