GPS auto-off not kept in Quick settings

Gergy Verjux shared this problem 5 months ago

open Quick settings > Edit > check the option GPS auto-off > close Edit mode > GPS auto-off is displayed in Quick settings > close Quick settings > re-open Quick settings > GPS auto-off is no longer displayed.
Expected: GPS auto-off should be displayed

LM4 / Android 9 / Redmi Note 5

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Hi Gergy,

what version of Locus Map do you use? The "GPS auto-off" feature was removed long ago. It never worked completely correctly and beginning with Android 11 it didn't work at all due to new location access restrictions.


Hi, Michal. I am using 4.19.0 Gold.

I can also see this setting in Settings>GPS & sensors>Advanced settings: GPS auto-off.

And it works OK (but I am still running Android 9).

Could it be that the setting comes from an old backup ? I am always restoring my settings from backups when installing LM on new phones.


The GPS-auto-off has been preserved for older devices, obviously. Nevertheless, there was a bug in the quick settings. So please wait for the next app version.

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