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silvio Scuto shared this problem 6 months ago
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Good morning. I purchased the Premium Gold locus map a few days ago (Silvioscuto - During the trial period of about 15 days I planned several itineraries and recorded in my library. A few days ago I lost my library and locus map replies that I have to buy a better version such as premium gold. But I have already purchased premium gold. Can you solve the problem I can't work on the Computer planner. If it's my problem I'll give you access to my PC. Thanks Silvio Scuto

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are you logged into the web planner with the correct account?

You have to use the account that has the subscription activated and also it must be the same account you are using on the phone.

Please, check it and let me know.

Zdenek, Locus team


Hello Zdeněk Kondler. Thank you for your suggestion. I solved my problem. Silvio

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