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Colin Dawson shared this problem 14 days ago
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Some time this year my offline maps folder became unsupported:

<my phone>\Internal storage\Locus\mapsVector

I see the new default folder is:

<my phone>\Internal storage\Android\data\\files\Locus\mapsVector I have moved the files in Windows file explorer.

I likeswise tried to move data files from

<my phone>\Internal storage\Locus\data\database

To new location:

<my phone>\Internal storage\Android\data\\files\Locus\data\database

I have large waypoints and tracks files.

Problem: if I try to move anything into the new location I just get a Windows "ding" sound and nothing happens. How to I keep and continue using my tracks and waypoints? Will Locus do this automatically?

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Hi Colin,

open Settings - Backup & Filesystem - File system manager - Set the main directory - 3 dot menu by the "Private folder in internal storage" - tap "Select". Then go to Settings - Backup & Filesystem - App data transfer - Load app data - continue. It is necessary to select the original "\Internal storage\Locus\" directory for data move.



thank you for the detailed reply. There are 2 things that aren't working for me.

(1) In the first procedure, "Select" is not an active part of the user interface - it is just passive text. So tapping that does nothing. I did make a manual note of the path, but not sure what to do with it.

(2) In the second procedure, I navigated to the Internal storage path as described in my first post. That produces an error screen that says "Not the right directory. This directory can't be transferred. Please select the directory with Locus Map 4 data.

I don't know how to respond to this.


Hi Colin,

I am sorry for the inconvenience but I'm afraid after your selective data transfer attempts the folder structure now is unsuitable for the automatic data load. You have to move all the data manually via a PC file browser (Total Commander is recommended):

- attach your phone to a PC via USB cable and allow file transfer over it in the phone

- open a file browser in your PC and find the /Locus/ directory in the internal storage of your phone

- copy the /Locus/ directory to /Android/data/ directory (overwrite the new /Locus/ folder in there)

- disconnect your phone from PC and restart Locus Map

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