Track fade/decay customization proposal

db12 shared this idea 3 months ago

- add customization which part of track (being currently recorded) to display:
- - max points
- - max distance
- - max time

if any of above conditions met, rest of track is not displayed

also sometimes it is not needed to store track, just to see it for orientation, so

- add option to store only part of track (being currently recorded), so rest of track beyond desired conditions (max points/distance/time) is automatically dropped (better to see this option right at track begin recording, rather than deep in settings)

also would be fine for orientation:

- add option to fade track visually, so most recent part is brighter, older darker

- add option to display track direction arrows

similar ideas can be good also for existing track following, i.e. highlight nearby part of track and add direction arrows.

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it is a lot of ideas...

Limiting visibility of recorded track: already available under recording profile > "Display only part of the track" option that allows to limit this by number of visible points.

Store only part of the track > does not make sense for basic track recording. It looks more like some separate feature that will display the last X locations on the map.

Fade older part of the track > too complex task sorry.

Visible direction arrows> you may already do this in the setup of recording track style.

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