LoRouter Offline incorrect handling of designated rights of way in England/Wales

Richard Clayton shared this problem 6 months ago
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I think this is a new issue, I've never seen/noticed it before using LoRouter Offline for route planning for any routing profile.

This problem currently affects both Locus 4 Android and the web planner.

When planning a route using the 'walking' and 'hiking' profiles, I'm no longer able to automatically route along designated rights of way that travel down roads/tracks that are tagged as 'access:private' in OSM. A designated right of way in England and Wales has public access, even when this is across private property.

I am still able to automatically route along these private (but designated) roads/tracks using the MTB, Bike Touring and Road Bike routing profiles.

For example, the driveway between SUBMITTED.LIFEBOATS.CRYSTALS and FROCK.PUNKS.COMICALLY is tagged as shown below:

e744026bba288341ed9bfcca832317fdI've also attached an example of what's happening when routing using the hiking and mtb profiles down the same driveway - mtb profile.png and hiking profile.png

1: Bike profile routing:


2: Hike/Walk profile routing:

3cfde41dff49c142e8c6bd904e9ebd96The desired outcome is that the designation tags are taken into account when using hike and walk profiles in the same way that they are when using bike profiles.

Happy to provide more information as needed.


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Thanks Richard for reporting, I will look into this. Radim


I have reviewed the use of "designated" tag. (Also added it into walking profiles, where only "yes" and "permissive" values were present). So this issue should be now fixed for online routing and the web planner. Offline routing will follow. Thanks for reporting!


Hi Radim,

Thanks for looking into this. The walk and hike profiles are now working as expected.

Looking at my original post, I think I made a mistake (and missed something out). Does this need a separate ticket?

Bikes and horses on footpaths

Currently, I'm able to route down a designated footpath using the bike profiles. Bikes and horses aren't allowed on footpaths (that aren't tracks) in England and Wales. See images below:

This footpath here:


Is tagged this way:


Note 'bicycles:no'. But Lorouter allows bicycles to route on this footpath:


This is a new issue, previously I was unable to route down footpaths using the bicycle profile using Lorouter.

Finally, just to add to the comedy value of our public access... We also have designated bridleways in England and Wales. Bicycles (and horses) can use these:


This is working as expected in Lorouter.

Sorry it's so complicated, I blame the Landed Aristocracy...




Hello Richard. Thanks again for these reports. I came to conclusion that the system for access control for walking and cycling profiles is very under-developed. It needs either patches or more robust solution - redesign. Redesign is the way to go but it will take some time.

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