Map manager: maps in "mapsVector" are listed in "EUROPE"-folder

Sonny shared this problem 7 months ago
Not a Problem

I put all my Raster-maps into folder "maps" on my phone, and all my Vector-maps into folder "mapsVector".

Within Map manager in LM3 as well as in LM4, these Raster-maps are listed within folder "MAPS" (ok!), but Vector-maps within folder "EUROPE". This is a wrong label for my Vector maps, since some of them are just of 1 country, and other ones of the whole world. So please rename this parent folder of Vector-maps "VECTOR MAPS" or "VECTORMAPS" or "MAPSVECTOR", thanks!

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what mode for displaying the maps do you use? Is it "Smart choice" or "Directories"? Check it in the map manager's topbar.

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