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How to show the missing images ? The kmz is attached.


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More on this subject. By Locus map Pro 3.70.4 Classic.

Current import of both kmz and gpz files by attached images are added into both folders:



Problem 1.

The handling after the import of both gpz or kmz files are different.

For gpz imports a path is given while for kmz the path is not complete.


Suggestion 1.
Add the paths in an identical way to the folder import that should be cleared after closing Locus map.
As image file names can be identical in both gpz and kmz files optimally is to use the folder import.

Problem 2.
A. Import SET: Display only (= no save in database)
B. Import UNSET: Display only ( = save in database)
The folder import is NEVER cleared and keeps growing for ever !

Suggestion 2.
- The folder import should automatically be cleared when closing Locus map app.
- By A. > no save in database > the folder photo must not be filled.
- By B. > save in database > the folder photo can be filled. Q: Same named files can cause conflicts ?
Clear the folder photo by the Locus map function delete temporary items.

Problem 3. General.
- Before A13+ A check in Locus data by file explorers is allowed.
- After A13+ A check in Locus data by file explorers is forbidden.

Suggestion 3.
Locus should offer to set the Main directory into.
- Private folder in Android data. (not accessible)
- Private folder in Android media. (accessible)
To know.
Select internal memory to use all Locus features.


Hello Willy, thanks for the complext report!

Firstly, negative part: since October 2023 (half of 5 year maintenance mode), I'm doing mainly/only critical fixes and maintenance in the Locus Classic, that affect functionality for most of users. Code for both versions are now separated and it require a lot more work to do some modifications in the Classic as well.

Possitive (probably not for you, sorry)

Problem 1

Should be identical, agree. Updated. Also copy of files into "data/media" directory was not ideal solution, so I've removed this and all data remains in the "data/import".

Problem 2

This one is in the app since day 1 and was already reported many times. I do not have easy solution for it for now, sorry.

Problem 3

Also complicated to solve. I do not trust "media" directory. There is no clear info from Google, that this directory is stable and will remain available also in the future Android versions. If there is need to access internal app data directly, there is always solution over so-called AFA version.

Thanks for understanding,

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi Menion.

Ok comments now from 3 to 1.

Problem 3.
Other app dev does not 100% trust too anyway still offers to use Android/data or media.
By Android/media the operation remains as +/- flexible as avant A13+. Excellent.
To check the Locus map data import folder I found a workaround fix on the Motorola.
The phone file explorer has acces into Android/data this to delete or even to copy items.
I have no idea if this is also as functional on some other OEM phones like Samsung.

Problem 2.
The next app offers such a direct shortcut to the phone default android file explorer.
Anyway I can not (or I did not find) add extra as voices or edit the config.cfg into Android/data

Problem 1.
Yep, positive.

No Classic ? Roger. ;-)

Best Regards.

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