Locus does not find addresses as good as Google Maps

druki shared this problem 32 days ago
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When I get an address from an other Application or someone tells me an addres which I want to find in Locus to save it as a POI or navigate to it, Locus often fails. The same search in Google Maps shows the correct result of location.

I as a user have no clue why this happens.


Kosta’s Restaurant

Voräcker Gewann 12

70567 Stuttgart-Möhringen

So as an expert, I assume that if Locus only expects and searches for certain address strings, some of the input could hinder it in finding the correct address. In the Example, the restaurants name could hinder Locus. And the area of the city (Möhringen) could hinder Locus. So maybe for some user it is maybe clear that you are only allowed to give search strings that exactly match one field of information of an address and that the information must not be contaminated by other informations that hinder a good search result.

I tried searching the example address with cleaning up some information and searched for

"Voräcker Gewann 12

70567 Stuttgart"

... but this only leads to the center of the ZIP code (Möhingen, an area of city Stuttgart).

The interesting part of the bug starts right now: If I accidently know the place and create a POI in Locus and have a look at the address, it shows me some details that confused the search and by which locus can not find the location to the address.

So basically the bug is: There is an inconsistency between address locations and search capabilities which strongly affect the usability of Locus. The application is not intuitive.

Is there a strategy/concept how to improve address handling and address searches to gain a better usability in Locus? Some additional settings affect the search capabilities like type of search (I currently use online search) probably also affect the quality of the search results. So maybe it's also a transparence/documentation/UI explanation topic? If so, a link in the UI to documentation how to find addresses/locations the best way could be helpful.

Sorry if this description is a bit unprecise, I sometimes switch between the view of beeing an expert and the "normal user" 😉. Locus probably wants to makes both happy.

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This is partly known. You can read something here. But don't write the post there again.


druki - there have been many many posts on this topic, mainly 6? months ago, and my feeling/ summary is Google Maps is always going to be better because of huge resources available, so just live with it, and develop a workflow of sharing between the 2 apps that works for you. For online searching I use Google Maps & share with LM, and no longer get annoyed or even try to use the LM online search.


In the linked threat I read that it is possible to use Google Search within Android Apps for free but not as a service in harmonized Locus online search done over Locus server. So the better decission in the view of users would have been to support this way better Google search in the application (as an exception only as a solution besides the standard new search) until the new search of Locus almost reached this quality. I am very disappointed and sad about the current decission that annoys some users for over half a year now. Because I loved to use Locus as my primary tool for addresses, locations and searches. This seems to be over now for a very long time, maybe forever.

As a hint for other users: There are workarounds like using offline POI search within the search settings (giving country, city, street, housenumber), but then you have to split up the address string by yourself and getting no help with this from Locus....

Or you can do a dedicated search by the name of the POI either in the search (settings!) or in the Offline POI management.

Or the workaround of using the Google Maps search and then share to Locus.

But all this feels like a pain if you have experienced the great usability of the old online search. So we can only hope that there will be relief in the far future. Or a decission rethinking that more focuses on usability and customers sattisfaction.

Sorry, this complain was necessary for me to at least get some frustration away. Locus is still the best Map tool. 💗


totally agree


Hi, of course we know how bad the multi-line search (search term that has many words) is. A few notes:

We use a third party service for the address search. There is no realistic expectation we can build anything competitive ourselves. No, there is no team of many.

This third party service is not AFAIK capable of reading and making sense of many lines.

The problem of making sense of multi-line/many-tokens search term of course has some... ways to approach. I am not saying "solutions" here as proper solution is hard and I think not really doable without tons of database works. But there is no solution at the moment.

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