Cannot login to import tracks from Google Drive

Andy Struthers shared this problem 24 days ago

Trying to import tracks using Google Drive as the source. I click this sequence:

Tracks & Routes > + > Import > Select source > Google drive

This takes me to screen which says "Login required"

I click on ... at top right of the screen which gives a drop down menu with just one item "Logout" which is greyed out.

I researched previous reports of a similar occurrence, one of which said to go to Google settings and disconnect the Locus World app from access to my account and try again. I did that but the problem didn't go away. I even deinstalled Locus Map and reinstalled it but the problem is still there.

I also read to try logging out of Google on my Android phone and logging back in again but I can find no way of doing this.

Weirdly, I can share tracks with Google Drive as the target. And I found I have a workaround to the import problem by choosing System File Manager as the source and navigating to the Drive folder from there so I'm not completely stuck but it would be nice to get this working as it should.

My environment is

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Android 14

Locus Map 4.21.1


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Hi Andy,

when you get to the "Login required" screen, tap the Google button and log in:



Thanks Michael - that works. I was misreading the user guide about where to find the login button. That said, just a small comment on UI consistency - maybe it is only me, but it certainly wasn't intuitive to have to click on the Google logo: because the function to go back a page appeared as the text "Back" rather than an arrow icon I was looking for a button that says "Login" rather than icon.

If you keep the Google logo as the login button maybe you could add text after the "Login required" to tell the user to "click on the Google logo below", and also add the same instruction to the User Guide. I maybe dumb for not having tried clicking the icon but it would have saved me a couple of hours trying to solve a non-existent problem if my suggested additional text had been there.


Hi Andy, you're right, the logo doesn't look like a straightforward login. I've mentioned it to the devs to think about it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi, I've been informed that the button will be changed to something more understandable.


Thank you Michael. That is great news. I'm sure it will help new users to find their way round importing a little easier.

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