Faulty map updates?

Michael Spiegelberg shared this problem 25 days ago
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Yesterday I updated Germany (north) -LoMaps on my smartphone (to version 2023.12.20). But you may have just provided an old update with an old map.

How did I get this? Firstly: Tracks that were previously visible on the map have now disappeared, but are currently available on the original OSM map. Example: See 53.909630, 9.475897, where the track (highway/path) that leads from the side of the lake towards the south-west to the path called Landwehr is no longer shown on the latest LoMaps map

Secondly: My assumption is supported by the fact that both new map files (incl. offline) only have a size of 2.9 GB after the update. The previous older map had a size of over 3 GB and therefore obviously more information.

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Hi Michael,

the path was added to OSM on 30th December 2023 (see https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/1235549692). The LoMap was generated on 20th December 2023, i.e. more than a week BEFORE the path was added to the database.

As for the file size. If the newer file has a smaller size, it doesn't mean it contains less data - The database is continuously optimized and the resulting size may be smaller even if the file contains more information.


Thank you for taking care of it. Now I understand the background information. Then everything is okay.
Thank you at this point for your exceptionally good work and support!

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