Signalise existing spoiler photos

balloni55 shared this idea 29 days ago

I usually don't notice that there is a spoiler image available.

Is it possible to display the icon colored when a spoiler image is present ?

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Hello balloni,

I'm not sure that some "color" of the icon will clearly indicate a "spoiler image available". If, then in the menu (after the click), the "Images" item should have some symbol.

Anyway, how should the app detect that the spoiler is available? It is unfortunately not so easy. Currently, all downloaded images are during the downloading inserted into the "data" directory together with the generated HTML file. The "Images" button in the geocache menu simply displays this html file, nothing more. There are no known extra information about the images. More complicated than it looks ...


thanks for the explanation, a hint that an image folder is available would probably be the simplest option


Uff, mini almost invisible badge that indicates, that there exists a file with images in the data/geocaching directory.

Maybe better ... later.



Hello menion

the badge is only displayed immediately for some caches.

Here is an example where several steps are necessary for the badge to be displayed.


if I load this cache with GC4L, the images are immediately visible in the folder, but the badge is not displayed.

if I load this cache with LM4 there is no image folder, after an update of the cache the images are visible in the folder, but the badge is not displayed.

In both cases, the badge is only displayed after I have run "GC Offlinizer" although the file and pictures are already available

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