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I need some support about copy-paste of tracks.

My idea is the following: I want to create a track which contains all the cycle paths of an area.

For this, I cycle around, when I see the beginning of a new cycle path I flag it on Locus map with a new point (B1 for example) and when it ends, I add a new point (E1).

After a few weeks I have several tracks which contain several different cycle paths.

Now I want to gather these cycle paths in one track.

I followed the idea developed here:

The issue is, when I use the analyzer, the points (B1, E1...) are not visible anymore on the map, so I don't know anymore where the cycle path starts and ends.

My questions:

- is there any workaround for that?

My suggestions:

- when editing a track, there are already the options: delete all before/after, insert gap, etc. Could it be possible to add: copy a track selection (between 2 waypoints)? It seems logical to have this option here.

Note that, when using this editing (delete all before for example) I saw that the points (B1, E1...) also disappear, so it would not help in this case.

Hence this other suggestion:

- when editing a track, making it possible to keep the points visible.

Thank you for developing such a complete tool, your work is already a great achievement.



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If these routes are available in OSM, you can simply use the route planner. Simply display your points and set a shaping point just before or just after your point.


Well, I have an old phone with Android 7 and Locus map classic. I tried to open route planner, but Locus just switched off 2 seconds after touching this option. It is not an issue for me, I am very happy simply with the display of maps, tracks and points, which work well, and I would need a solution just with that.

So, no possibility to edit tracks with the copy of a section, while displaying points?


Hi Vincent,

your use case is really interesting... however, the track analyzer nor editor don't reflect such over-the-edge usecases and implementing your idea of displaying active user points in them is not as easy as it may seem. Besides, we do not register wider demand for such an implementation so at the moment we don't think of realizing it. Thanks for understanding.

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