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Johannes Waldmüller shared this problem 25 days ago
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Hi Locus Team,

While I am navigating a route, if I leave the route for a short time (E.g. Doing a shortcut or so) the Navigation ist stopped (see Screenshot) and a Question Mark is shown. When I return to the route, the navigation does not return. I manually have to reactivate the next waypoint (see screenshot). Is there a setting to automate this? I use locus Maps for many years, but this behaviour isn't solved till now. The setting "route priority" doesn't fix this behaviour in my opinion.

Thanks in advance!

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Have a look in Settings > Navigation > Advanced settings > Strict Route following. If set than unset and test navigation again.


Oh my God! 😂 Really, this works! The navigation now returns automatically when leaving and returning the route. Unbelievable that I spend so many years not knowing and trying to bring this setting into connection to that behaviour 🙈 thanks a lot! 💪

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