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I think the contour lines in the map used in Locus' Web planer are based on SRTM-elevation data. Depending on the location this leads to quite unaccurate contour lines. An extreme example is a tour from "Hohes Kreuz" (2837 m) to "Niederes Kreuz" (2651 m) (both in "Bezirk Gmunden, Upper Austria")

In reality this is a route with a constant decent. The Web planers' elevation diagram is displaying it quite ok (besides the strange buckle in Waypoint 2).
But the contour lines are totaly off up to 400! (an artificial hole of 2300m instead of 2700m)

So it would be a big improvement if you could ask the map-developer (Thunderforest) to use the same good elevation sources as Locus is using for the calculation of the diagram.


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Any comment on this? :-)


To be honest, we have made several bug and feature requests at Thunderforest and one of them relates to the elevation data. I think they are using some older ASTER dataset for contours, and there are even worse places in the Himalayas (with complete nonsense errors). Unfortunately, there has been only partial improvement (at least as far as I know).

Anyway, I will send them a reminder and ask them if there is any chance of improvement.

@Waypoint 2 - I'll ask my colleague to check it

Thanks, Petr


@Waypoint 2

The route planner (we use Brouter) calculates the segments separately and for some unknown reason, the end point of the first segment and the start point of the second segment have different altitudes. My colleague will check why this is possible and how Brouter interpolation or filtration of elevation data...

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