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freischneider shared this idea 23 days ago
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There are already a lot of POIs and if I have my way there could be even more. More categories are conceivable.
But the overview on the map is already no longer good. When I'm cycling, I only need certain POIs. Or if I'm hiking, I need other POIs. Some POIs I don't need at all. That's why it would be good if I could choose which POIs I want to see. Selection of whole category but also under category, as o POI type.
The whole thing for online POI and offline.
and if I can now attach the whole thing to a preset, that would be brilliant. So I can choose different ones for hiking as for cycling or geocaching.

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Garmin Basecamp has a similar unified system. LM has more confusing POI control - some selected from the map theme, others selected by POI search. This can result in POI duplicates - same POI displayed twice on the map.


Yes, especially for online/offline lopoi it's crucial that we have control over displayed categories.


Yes, a control of which POIs are visible has been missing for a long time. As far as I have read, Menion wants to change the offline POIs to match the online ones. Perhaps this task can be carried out at the same time.
Somewhere there was also the idea to show the offline POIs only when there is no internet connection. Then we wouldn't have the problem with the duplicates.


@Tobse - "Then we wouldn't have the problem with the duplicates." - but each theme has independent control over which POI (from .svg file) it wants to display, for example, some XML

<rule e="any" k="wood|leaf_type" v="deciduous|broadleaved">
<area src="file:patterns/wood_deciduous.svg" symbol-width="40" />
so not sure how this would be "overridden" by Locus to avoid potential duplicates?


@Tobse: I think you mean this idea with the internet connection.
This could also be implemented here but only for LoPOI. Not for OAM POI. Otherwise you can no longer display the OAM POI with an online connection.
I am online
Online LoPOI activated.
Offline LoPOI deactivated (because of the duplicate)
Now the online connection is interrupted. Locus would automatically switch to the offline LoPOI. As soon as I have an online connection again, Offline LoPOI is deactivated again.

So I have ensured that the LoPOI is always displayed.


@freischneider: yes, that's exactly what I meant. Thank you
Your objection makes sense. That's exactly how it could be implemented.

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