Errormessage at onlinefunctions: IEEEremainder, code: 11305

druki shared this problem 16 days ago

If I try to get a search result in the new online search or if I want to call the Locus shop, I get an error message.

IEEEremainder, code: 11305

See attached screenshots.

Online search of Wikipedia is possible, Geocache4Locus Plugin works.

After some trials to get into the Locus shop, I get to the Shop start page but can not go further.

I tried WLAN an mobile network, in both I get that errors.

I deacticated Netguard temporarily to exclude it as possible reason for the error.

I try now to logout and login again to see if this helps.

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Ok, logging out and logging in again (using Google Account) helped getting rid of that errors.

Maybe you coud implement a better error message for such cases?



that was some glitch in the authentication process. We'll work on the error screens' improvement, we promise :)

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