Unable to import Templates of Fieldnotes

Vincent Breton shared this problem 2 months ago
Not a Problem

I m unable to import Templates from an other cellphone. If I look at the settings, import path in the new phone, I see the file to import. But if I try to import I have a message: Problem with read file. I use a Pixel 8. Field Notes app have file access permissions, so it suppose to work.

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Hi Vincent,

I'm afraid the Fieldnotes add-on has been discontinued by its developer. It is not our product so we can't help.


Good morning! Thanks for the information. I manually transferred settings from my old phone to the new phone. As you know, locus is a very powerful application for geocachers when used with certain Add-ons like geocaching tools or Fieldnotes. I hope you will consider including Fieldsnotes functionality in locus in the future. THANKS

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