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Daniel Deichert shared this question 59 days ago

Mein altes Smartphone wurde gestohlen. Wie kann ich meine Karten und Daten wiederbekommen? Liebe Grüße Daniel

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1) gibt es Backups in einer Cloud (Google Drive oder was sonst noch geht))

2) gibt es Backups auf einem externen Gerät (PC oder ext. Harddisk)?

3) im Falle Locus 4 Gold Subscription sind Punkte und Tracks in der Locus-Cloud

Bei Karten stellt sich die Frage ob die per Subscription oder Kauf auf's Handy gekommen sind.

Um die Situation wirklich zu kommentieren und eventuell Rat zu geben liefert der eine Satz oben viel zu wenig Informationen.



With LM4 Gold, the points and tracks are only in the cloud when sync is active.

Please write which maps (manufacturer) you are missing. You will normally receive the LoMaps again when you are logged in.

But there are also maps (external) that you have to save yourself.


Hi Daniel,

according to your email address, you use Locus Map Classic and LoMaps. By default, the app automatically backs up tracks, points and other data within its own directory but the path can be changed to Dropbox or Google Drive. If you had set it up so, your data can be restored (more at You can re-download your LoMaps from Locus Store.


Thank you! I think,i know where the problem is. I have 2 Google Accounts. My new Phone don't want me to use the older one.(but the Account exist on the Phone) I have to find the path to the Account.... Greetings Daniel

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