Direction Degree Measurement with Two Fingers

HYUN WOOSUNG shared this question 2 months ago

Dear Developer

I trust this message finds you well. I am an avid user of your map application and have a suggestion for an additional feature that I believe would significantly enhance the functionality.

I would like to propose the incorporation of magnetic course degrees when utilizing the two-finger measuring function in the map application. This feature would be particularly useful for users like me who often need to measure and understand the direction between two points on the map.

Here are the details for your consideration:

1. Feature Description:

- Implement a direction degree display when using the two-finger measuring function between two points on the map.

2. User Interaction:

- Activate the direction degree display by utilizing the two-finger measuring gesture.

- The degree information can be dynamically updated as users adjust the measurement.

3. Display Format:

- Show the direction degree as an overlay or a popup near the measurement line between the two points.

4. Compatibility:

- Ensure that this feature seamlessly integrates with the existing two-finger measuring function and remains accurate across various map layers.

I believe that this addition would provide users with valuable orientation information when measuring distances between two points. Thank you for considering my suggestion, and I look forward to seeing the continued improvements in your map application.

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I didn't have an idea about expert setting mode. Thank you very much, have a good day :)

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