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olliz shared this idea 4 months ago
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- Automatically insert images that were taken with the camera APP (i.e. not from LocusMap) as pixels
- Export directly to Komoot, Strava
- Creating a story similar to Komoot if images are available.
- If I want to insert an image later as a map point, I would also like to be able to use the position of the cursor on the map as the location and not just have to type in the current location or coordinates!

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> Automatically insert images that were taken with the camera APP (i.e. not from LocusMap) as pixels


Thanks for the answer, but firstly I can't find the menu item shown... and geocache isn't a solution for that either - sorry!

Pleas make ist easier -> In the recording of the Trak, tap on a place on the map (e.g. where the found cross is pointing), select the image and you're done. Or even easier, select the image in the Trak recording - the geodata is stored...


Thanks, I found the menu item - as described here:

i will try ist ....


I sure do understand what you mean I think. If you import the attached files directly into Locus you will find an image of lighthouses in both wpt. You can even promote these images as a thumbnail icon that you will then see on the map. Since I used the location that was present in the GPS data of the original image, the image's capture location is displayed and not the location of the lighthouse itself. However it would be no problem at all to shift the wpt with image exactly where the lighthouses are located. That's what you want I guess. But so no such thing is comfortably offered. Given that there is no demand for it, such will also not be realised by the Locus developper any time soon unless he is in a very good positive mood. You never know.

And as the gpx desc is virgin empty you can freely add and write a short or more extended text story in it as you want.

The attachment.

- Contains a wpt with a link to an online photo.
Such is fine as long the link to the external image is not broken ...(link availability is out of my control)

- Contains a wpt with a link to a photo that is contained in the gpz file. As long you keep the gpx and the folder together in the gpz file the result will be kept intact.


I understand - Pity


And also this.

html in the gpx (gpz)desc just as html in description is used in kml (kmz) is also nicely presented in Locus.

However adding html in gpx (gpz) desc was and still is not provided in the gpx standard.

So this is not really 100% compatible nor acceptable so and I can hardly promote it right ?

Nevertheless, I attach a small example that you can import directly into Locus.

I use and show this with the Locus version 3 considering the 'old' presents most nice imo.

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