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ak shared this problem 3 months ago
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I use https://web.locusmap.app for planning.

For one planned tour, the "My Library" dashboard states 2,943 m elevation gain (see screenshot1.JPG). If I edit the tour (i.e., plan mode), the "Statistics" dashboard states 2,496 m elevation gain (see screenshot2.JPG).

Why is there a difference?



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Hi Alex,
I understand you're seeing a discrepancy in the elevation gain data for your planned tour. This sort of difference can occur due to a slightly different algorithm being used on the web application compared to the server side. When a route is saved, the server recalculates the elevation which might yield slightly different results.

However, normally, the difference is not as significant as in your case. We apologize for this discrepancy and would like to further investigate the issue.
Could you please provide a link to your shared route? Or if you can, please attach a GPX export of your route so we can investigate this issue further. This will help us understand what may have caused this discrepancy in your tour planning.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Kind Regards, Ondrej


Hi Ondrej. No need to apologize. Thanks for your explanation.

Attached the GPX file and another screenshot.

The difference is probably because of those no-data-parts marked in the screenshot. There, I cross over terrain without a way taking a shortcut.


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