Discontinuous position and elevation

Darrow Kirkpatrick shared this problem 3 months ago
Not a Problem

On my new S24 I'm getting discontinuous jumps in positions and elevations in tracks. Frustrating because it corrupts all statistics. I have accepted all the suggested Android settings. Thank you.

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GPX showing problem attached.



Locus Map processes elevation gain from the data it receives from your phone GPS. If the data are incorrect or contain huge deviations, then the resulting elevation gain is also incorrect. Locus Map, however, offers a few methods on how to limit these deviations.

Open Locus settings > GPS&sensors:

  • Location filter > select medium or heavier filter
  • Google Services assisted location > turn it ON
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > Elevation data - select "Optimize GPS values" or "Replace GPS values"
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > Pressure sensor > turn ON (if available)
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > Altitude filter - select medium or heavier filter

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