Exported tracks to folder are not exported, Samsung Galaxy S10

Jagna Poncz shared this problem 4 months ago
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I am trying to export about 128 tracks located from my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S10) to my new Xiaomi 13 prone by using the Export function. But everytime I try to do it, even with a one track, I am not seeing the file in my export folder which is called "testownictwo" (sorry, its in polish). I am getting even a confirmation that "process went successfully" (in polish), - please see some screenshots for reference. I was also trying to do a backup of all data, but again, folder was empty.

I checked the app permision, and theLocus app have access to everything.

I have no idea why I don't see exported files. I checked, I am seeing all files, even the hidden once on my Windows (after connecting my mobile to PC).

Can you please help?

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Hi Jagna,

please follow these instructions for the app and data transfer to a new phone: https://docs.locusmap.app/doku.php?id=manual:faq:move_to_new_phone

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