ANT Manager Code11216

Karl shared this problem 3 months ago


I tried to connect a Polar H9 Heart rate sensor with locus.

It didn`t work - I always got the message: Hoppla! Bitte Gerät neu starten ANT Manager Code11216.

After having chequed all possibilities - restart with and without sensor, marking all sensors or nothing (in Bluetooth and ANT Menu) and and...., I realise that already going into the ANT Menu (without having marked any sensor) brings the same message again and is repeated constantly.

So ... ? (The H9 Sensor works without a problem with other apps!)

Locus classic 3.70.5

Android 12, Galaxy S10 E


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Hi Karl,

sorry for the inconvenience. To indicate the problem accurately, we need a debug log.

- please repeat the action leading to the error message

- generate a debug log (more at

- send the debug log here for analysis



Hi Michal

here is the link to the dropbox file.

Just to be clear - it is not a crash from the phone or from locus - its just the

message which shows up and comes again after some time. After closing locus and

restarting it the message has gone.

Locus continues to function, but there is no possibility to connect a sensor.


Thanks Karl, the log revealed something regarding a system error. Could you please install the ANT tester from and find out if all ANT HW and services are running correctly on your phone? Thanks


it is not possible to install that ant-tester.

I allowed the installation despite several warnings, but it was not installed -

any other option?


After updating ANT+ Plugins Service the former error message disappeared.

After several trials at least the ANT Manager found the device and showed at the

ANT Display the correct heart rate.

Nevertheless Locus tried to connect to the sensor via ANT Manager again and

again and did not show the heart rate at the appropriate dash board.

Via bluetooth - the sensor showed up - but could not be connected.

Do you want a new debug log? Or?


Sorry again.

I don`t know how, but finally the sensor is connected (via ANT, not via

bluetooth - "no sensor found") and the heart rate is shown.

The "funny" thing is, that every more or less 10 sec the display switches from

the usual Locus display to the ANT+ Plugin and ANT searches the device.

With the return button I can go back to the former locus view and is fine

... for 10 sec - then ANT shows up again.

That happens in both situations 1. Device choose manual or 2. Locus searches



Hi Karl,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Until recently the ANT tester app was available at Google Play and the supplementary store obviously doesn't work... As for the behavior you are experiencing - that isn't easy to solve without simulation on our side. The only option is to set the "silent" mode for selecting the sensor:



Hi Michal

thank you for your efforts - s.t. things are magic.

Only for your info - maybe later its useful:

The silent mode doesn`t change the problem. It seems that ANT behaves as if it

has lost the sensor, but the connection is already there.

So despite the correct heart rate is shown on the Locus screen, ANT tries to

find the sensor???

It would have been nice to show the HR on the locus screen, but so I have to use

another App for the HR.

Thank you once more - you all do a perfect job!!


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