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franc shared this idea 3 months ago


When I edit a track with the Track editor (e.g. Tools > Insert/edit Trackpoint), which I manually created with the help of Brouter as "service to calculate routes" (my navigation engine), the edited track won't follow anymore the route (shortest path along Brouter setting, e.g. Bike, Foot, Car, etc.) with the help of Brouter. I have to drag the route onto the streets and paths, which is a lot of work, if the edited part is not just very short.

A button or setting would be great to add this feature, e.g.:

"Use navigation engine, if available"

Which would use the navigation engine which is activated, if so, and route the edited parts along the shortest path.

At the moment, when I edit a track, which I am hiking at the moment, and which I am about to change (other way, shortcut or wrong way etc), I often delete the whole track and create it new because this is often faster, than to edit it.

Thanks. Frank

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Oh man! The menu entry "Re-route" (one entry under "Edit track") is doing exactly that!

So often I was editing a track manually when I e.g. took a detour, taking a lot of time to keep the new track on roads and paths, but just one click away there was this Re-route, which is a million times faster! Man, man, man!


Hello Frank,

the editor's purpose is to fix problems caused by the inaccuracy of the GPS, so fix the recorded track.

As you wrote > modifications of the planned route should be done in the Route planner.


Yes! I remember once, that the routing suddenly worked, when I edited a track. That was, when I (without noticing) hit accidently the 'Re-route' menu entry :) But I didnt pay attention and forgot it quickly, editing then again manually many many times with consuming a lot of time (while hiking). Anyway, now better :)

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