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morgan shared this idea 3 months ago
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I ride in areas where I have ridden for so many years and I'm constantly trying to see what I have run and if what I am thinking of running has parts already run. The ability for locus to control all track line attributes and layer order is STILL ONE OF THE FEATURES THAT KEEPS IT AHEAD OF ANYTHIGN ELSE...in understandiing multiple tracks and intersecting tracks.

So when I am working on figuring this out I have to decide what will be on the bottom and then go in and highlight that by making it 3 times wide and another color with glow works for me. Then I have to enable the other tracks to be on top.

What would speed this up greatly is a on/off box for "bold/bottom" which will auto bold it and send it to the bottom of all tracks displayed.

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can't believe I'm the only one that has this issue


Unfortunately, so -called fast buttons do not find large user work. I myself had inspired a fast button for Pois (everything on/ off), which was not implemented.

The developer capacity is used differently. Unfortunately.


Leider finden sogenannte schnell Knöpfe keine große Nutzerschafft. Ich selber hatte angeregt ein schnell Knopf für Pois (alles an/ aus), was auch nicht umgesetzt wurde.

Die Entwicklerkapazität werden anders eingesetzt. Leider.

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