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Kevin Page shared this question 39 days ago

I reinstalled Locus on a new phone Samsung Ultra 23 running Android 14. Lost my photo attachments to the stored points. New phone does not have an SD card but I found all the old photos in a backup file. I have tried to copy and paste them across to the new photo folder using Total Commander without success. Any suggestions?

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Kevin Page

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Hi Kevin,

for a correct app and data transfer we recommend this procedure. Please follow it exactly:


Hi Michal, thank you for your prompt reply. Given the number of users, your responsiveness is super impressive.

For a number of reasons the move to my new phone was a clean install. I imported my points and tracks OK but the point photos did not come across. I have located them in an old SD card backup but getting them into their new correct folder is proving challenging. It is not a train wreck if it is too difficult. The photos are geolocated so I can add them manually if necessary.

These points are all over Australia's Outback so if it means revisiting these locations to update the photos, that is OK with mešŸ˜Š.

Thank you for a fantastic App.

Best regards from Australia.

Kevin Page


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