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Martin Queißer shared this problem 59 days ago

Hello everyone,
First of all, sorry for my bad English. I posted the following in the German forum.

Hello everyone,
Now that I can load GPX files again, there is unfortunately a new problem.
Every week I get all the individual stations of the lab caches in my area via Lab2GPX.
Previously, these GPXs were displayed as if they were geocaches. I was able to read the question in advance and see the pictures.
After the last update I no longer see all this information.
Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of what the view was like before the change. For better understanding, I'll upload two more pictures.
One shows a normal cache with all the information. This is how you have seen the lab caches so far.
The second picture shows how the lab caches are currently displayed.
The imported GPX has not been changed and still has all the information.
Best regards

The error was also confirmed by others.
I am attaching the GPX that I have loaded, which has worked without any problems so far.
Thanks and regards

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I confirm the behavior, locus shows neither the LAB description text nor the questions of the individual stations, although these are present in the .gpx.

gpx generated with

Locus recognizes the text, as you can see after an export of the LAB

BTW: it would be a great advantage if Locus also imported these texts with the new import function of the LAB s



Hi guys,

thanks. I was working with Lab caches as they are received by the basic request from Groundspeak. But understand that this different source (Lab2GPX) provide extra data that are useful to have in the UI. So in the next version (or tomorrow Beta), this should be "fixed".


Beta V4.23.1.1 well done menion!

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