Web Planner - use better filename than export.csv

Andrew Heard shared this idea 59 days ago

How about naming the export file as the name of the track, just the same as Locus Map does? Export.csv isn't very helpful when more than one track is exported.


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I just voted, because such topics make me feel bad when I think about using webplaner. And this in only one point of some disadvantages of the webplaner - which is for me not in a state to be usable. But Locus App is the best one!


Hey there!
Good news! We've updated our web planner so now the name of your exported file will match the point/track name. Pretty cool, huh? It's a feature we slipped into our latest version. Go ahead, check it out! We hope it makes your experience with the web planner even more friendly and easy to use. 😉

Kind regards,

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