Gravel routing and one way streets

Adrien shared this question 2 months ago
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Hi !

It seems like the gravel routing mode does not care about one way streets on roads/in cities.

I checked on OpenStreetMap and the road is correctly configured, and I tried with other routing mode in Locus and all behave correctly besides the Gravel one.

I enclosed a screenshot of e simple itinerary, the gravel mode makes me take take the one way street in the wrong direction (the Chemin de la Reppe has the circled portion in a one way, from north to south), while if I change to Road Bike routing the app makes me go around.
The issue is the same on the Android App and Web App.

Thansk for your help.

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Hi Adrien, thanks for reporting.

I have done some sanity checks in Prague. All cycling profiles care about one-way roads. To some extend. The reasoning is that you can dismount and push your bike for a short distance, if the alternative (alternatives) are very inconvenient. On your example, MTB and Gravel routing does not like Rue de Marseille either, so bad one-way is seen as the better choice. I am not saying this is always perfect, but to me it looks moreless like the expected behavior. Anyway if you see an obviously wrong, just plain wrong example, do report here again. Thanks, Radim, backend dev.


Hi Radim!

Thanks for your explanation, I do get and understand your reasoning behind this decision.

I think however the user should be warned in such situation, either by highlighting the segment or adding an icon on each end of the segment (like the icons that have recently been added to Locus to mark regularly flooded parts for example).

Why do I think it's important. This situation can arise on two occasions:

- The Best case scenario is the one you described, Locus had deemed the portion short enough to get off the bike

- The worst case scenario is a change on the street regulations and/or bad settings in Openstreetmap. In that case we have no way of knowing how long the one-way street is, where to get back on it or if we need to figure out a new itinerary and how.

Informing the user would help knowing in which of the above situation we are in.

I hope you will take into consideration this input ;)

Does change the fact Locus is the best map/navigation app out there !


Yes, I agree there should be a warning. That should be an easy enough task. I am making a note.

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