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Wolfgang shared this idea 53 days ago


I often have the problem that my map is so full of waypoints, tracks, .... that I do not see the map itself. Even clustering does not help. It's often a problem to get orientation of the map - mostly I don't find a town while moving the map.

What about a "magic button" which makes current map items temporary invisible till I press it again. Just a toggle button.

I know I can make per folder all waypoints (in)visible, but that's not the same. If should be for quick orientation and then coming back to the details.

Or is there already a way to do that?

Attached to screenshots of my normal map view for a better understanding.

Thanks Wolfgang

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Hello Wolfgang

#Or is there already a way to do that?

not one click but two clicks to hide them all

make a long click in your bottom panel on the POI/track icon, next click>hide all

POIs and tracks are hidden and two new clickable icons apeare top right.

With an additional click on them POIs and tracks are visible again



Hi Wolfgang :)

OMG I guess this is what I am missing for years :) It looks like it does exactly what I am looking for.

Thanks so I guess it's already done. Yeah!


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