Default folder for saving new points

Jean-Pierre shared this question 59 days ago


I know how to set up a folder to save a new trace : settings > Save a route > Walk > Preferred folder > Choose the folder from the list defined in the library

But I can't fide the equivalent for points.

Can everybody help me ?

Thank you

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Hi Jean-Pierre,

when adding a new point, just choose the folder from the folder selection:


More at


Thank you very much for your answer.

My request was not enought specific.

I wish I didn’t have to define the folder every time I create a point (I create a lot of photo points, from 30 to 50 during my outings).

I was trying to find in Locus the same possibility to set a default folder for points, as it is possible for trace records.

I vaguely remember that this was possible with older versions, but I must have dreamed.

Thank you.


There is nothing like a default folder for tracks and routes. What you have mentioned is a default folder for a particular track recording profile into which the recorded tracks are automatically stored after the recorded activity is stopped - e.g. hiking tracks are automatically stored into a "hiking" folder. Or MTB tracks are stored into a "MTB" folder.

As for the new points, the last used folder is automatically offered.


Thank you. This app is so complete and easy to use , that I will manage without this option.

Congratulations for your work.

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