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Iain Marshall shared this problem 2 months ago

If I export a track to GPX from the web application, it doesn't include the description. So if I send my friend a GPX file, when they import it, the description is missing.

Locus v 4.23.1

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Hi Iain,
Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We acknowledge that this is indeed a bug in the current version of our web application. Be assured that we have logged a ticket for this issue in our system and our development team will be looking into it.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide an estimated time on when it will be fixed at the moment. However, as a temporary solution, we advise that you utilize the exporting feature from the Locus Map app.

We appreciate your understanding and patience on this matter. Once again, thank you for helping improve our service.

Kind Regards, Ondrej


when exporting gpx from android all original track descriptions are being replaced by an xml table with track details. this does NOT happen when exporting from your web app, though. I love my track descriptions and would like to keep them when exporting.

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